About the Products

All products sold on softkeyland are digital; no physical item will be delivered. These products may include activation codes, images, top-ups, or direct payments to your account. The images are for reference only, so we recommend thoroughly researching the product you are purchasing. Product listings may contain details such as version, name, region, platform, among others.


The maximum delivery time for all products on softkeyland is 24 hours unless otherwise stated (automated immediate delivery).

Most products are delivered automatically, meaning the product is sent and stored in your softkeyland account automatically after payment is received.

All our payment methods are automated, so you can pay with any at any time and receive the activation code instantly. If there is any problem with the shipment, check your spam folder or contact us immediately at contact@softkeyland.com.


Since softkeyland’s products are intangible, returns or exchanges are not accepted.

It is the customer’s responsibility to review the requirements, conditions, and restrictions of each product before purchasing, information available on the product’s listing.

In cases of returns on our part, due to situations like order cancellations or lack of stock, these will be processed within the next 24 to 48 business hours.


The maximum payment period from the time you place your order is 24 hours for all our payment methods.


softkeyland commits to delivering an activation code acquired legitimately and functional for the corresponding platform.

The functioning of the program, application, or game is not the responsibility of softkeyland.

We are not responsible for activation codes attempted to be activated on non-genuine software, nor for not complying or following specific instructions from the developers, such as activation code activations at determined times, among others.

Activation Code Redemption

We will respond up to 24 hours after the email with the code is opened. This is because we cannot ensure that the buyer has not shared the code with third parties, and at the time of redemption, the code may have already been used by someone else. Remember that delivery is fully automated, so if you wish to purchase to gift after 24 hours, we recommend making the purchase on the same day.

Activation Code Warranty

Activation keys are guaranteed for 24 hours from the opening of the email with the code.

In both cases, this does not include incorrect codes. If for any reason you receive an incorrect code, we will respond immediately regardless of the purchase date. Remember, we are obligated to deliver a functional and legitimate code.

Customer Responsibility and softkeyland’s Disclaimer

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they understand the specifications, limitations, and legal requirements related to the purchased software. Our products are primarily recommended for personal use, and it is important that customers are aware of local and regional regulations governing the use of activated software.

In some regions, having an activated program does not necessarily imply it is adequately licensed for certain uses, especially in commercial or business contexts. Therefore, we urge our customers to carefully assess the purpose for which they plan to use the software and to verify compliance with applicable laws and regulations in their region.

softkeyland disclaims any liability related to the improper, illegal, or unauthorized use of the activation codes sold. We assume no responsibility for any inconvenience or loss arising from the customer’s failure to comply with the software developer’s terms and conditions or local and regional laws and regulations. The purchase and use of any software activation code through our platform imply the customer’s acceptance of this responsibility.

Our commitment is to provide high-quality and legitimate products, but the proper and lawful use of such products lies entirely with the customer. We remind our users of the importance of making an informed and responsible decision when purchasing and activating software through softkeyland.

Terms and Conditions Modifications

At softkeyland, we reserve the right to modify or update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. These changes may reflect updates in our business practices, adaptations to new legal regulations, improvements in our services, or any other reason we deem relevant to enhance our customers’ experience or comply with our legal and ethical obligations.

It is each customer’s responsibility to periodically review this section to be informed of any changes or updates. Continued use of softkeyland’s services and products following the posting of changes to the terms and conditions implies tacit acceptance of such modifications. If at any time you disagree with any part of the updated terms and conditions, we recommend that you immediately cease using our services and products.

We understand that these changes may be significant for our users, so we strive to ensure our policies are clear, fair, and transparent at all times.